WXlog/20180517 X-band Time Series Heavy Rain (TS)



P. Kennedy target of opportunity

Data Recording Period

(X-band only operation) 17 May 2018 2237:36 UTC to 17 May 2018 2246:58 UTC

Time series recording (X-band is always VHS mode): 17 May 2018 2240:45 UTC to 17 May 2018 2249:16 UTC


At the end of the work day on 17 May 2018; a developing area of showers and thunderstorms was visible just to the southeast and east of the CHILL site. To expedite data collection, only the X-band channel was brought up. A short period of PPI and RHI scanning was done with the X-band time series archiver operating. Due to the short range to much of the echo system, the various radar measurements were made under good SNR conditions.)