WXlog/20180214 Lee Wave Bragg (TS)



P. Kennedy target of opportunity

Data Recording Period

14 Feb 2018 1204:18 UTC to 14 Jan 2018 1826:20 UTC

Time series (initially VH, then VHS): 14 Feb 2018 1251:36 UTC to 14 Feb 2018 1822:03 UTC


Strong, downslope winds occurring in the lee of the mountains. CHILL scanning consisted primarily of RHI sweeps oriented towards the mountains with the objective of capturing lee waves as seen through Bragg scatter at S-band. Wave echo patterns were observed through many of the morning hours. Radar operating mode shifted to VHS and time series recording turned on during much of the event. The expectation was that radial velocity spectral width could be computed from the time series data without the SNR limitations applied in the signal processor. The following sky photographs document the cloud-free conditions in most of atmospheric volume where the lee wave echoes were observed.