WXlog/20171221 Snowband



S. Yuter 20 hr

Data Recording Period

21 Dec 2017 0718:24 UTC to

21 Dec 2017 1820:06 UTC

X-band also operating


Operation to test proposed Prof. Sandra Yuter project scanning procedures when snow was forecast during the local sunrise time period. The tested scan procedures consisted primarily of paired RHI volume; one group oriented into the mean 500 mb wind direction, and the second group on a perpendicular / cross-flow direction. During the initial part of the operation, a developing area of snow approached the radar from the northwest. By the end of the operating period, the strongest echoes had moved to the southeast of the radar and organized into multiple bands. RHI's through this southeast area showed well-developed precipitation streamers. Note: an antenna control system fault caused a data recording outage between 1404 and 1634 UTC.