WXlog/20170508 Large Hail



K. Reimel GLM verification 20 hr

Data Recording Period

8 May 2017 1723:03 UTC to

9 May 2017 0102:08 UTC

X-band also operating


Multiple hail-producing thunderstorms, with considerable hail damage reported in the greater Denver area. (For example, 2.75 inch diameter hail at Wheat Ridge at 2105 UTC according to SPC.) CHILL scanning was focused on the collection of 3D volume scans of the particular storms that were being overflown by the NASA ER2 aircraft. During this operation, the ER2 was carrying a Global Lightning Mapping (GLM) optical flash detection sensor. Due to the aircraft support priority, general scan coverage of the Denver area hail outbreak was not always maintained by the CHILL radar.