Casebook 29 October 2003


CSU-CHILL Casebook: 29 October, 2003

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A wild fire was in progress near the town of Jamestown, Colorado during the afternoon hours of 29 October 2003. Westerly winds carried the resultant visible smoke plume from the Rocky Mountain foothills out over the eastern plains of Colorado. The CSU-CHILL radar observed this plume of ash and smoke particles via a series of PPI and RHI scans. (See VCHILL example below.) The highest magnitudes in the plume were generally below ~0.85. This is appreciably less than the ~0.97 - 0.99 values that are observed in many single-species (i.e., all rain; all snow, etc.) precipitation echoes. More details are available in the tutorial article on non-precipitation echoes.

example in VCHILL

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