Casebook 21 June 2001


CSU-CHILL Casebook: 21 June, 2001

The CSU-CHILL radar started to scan a hailstorm in the greater Platteville area at 0040 UTC. The storm continued to intensify as it moved south-southeastward towards Denver International Airport. The storm reached the northern end of the KDEN runway complex at 0123 UTC, and it crossed I-70 near the town of Watkins at 0150 UTC. The weather observers at KDEN reported maximum hailstone diameters of 2 inches (see VCHILL link below). Considerable damage due to a combination of large hail and high winds took place at KDEN, KFTG (Front Range Airport), and in Watkins. The radial velocity patterns indicated the development of a mesocyclone as the storm moved south of I-70. RHI scans through the storm's reflectivity core were made at fairly frequent intervals. With the VCHILL display thresholding turned off, three body scattering signatures can be seen in many of the RHI scan fields.

example in VCHILL

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