Casebook 18 August 2003


CSU-CHILL Casebook: 18 August, 2003

A thunderstorm briefly became severe near the foothills west-southwest of Loveland Colorado during the afternoon of 18 August 2003. The CSU-CHILL radar made an RHI scan through the core of this storm at 2010:32 UTC. (See VCHILL example below.) The field contains a bright band in the low reflectivity elevated echo layer near the 20 km range point. In the high reflectivity thunderstorm core, the transition from positive to near 0 dB values at the surface at a range of 58 km indicates an increasing hail fraction in the precipitation. Finally, a three-body scattering signature (distinctly negative at low elevations changing to large positive values at higher elevation angles) can be seen at the far range end of the thunderstorm. (Note: Thresholding should be selected OFF under the VCHILL Filters tab to make the three body scattering pattern visible.)

example in VCHILL

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