CSU Pawnee S-band



The CSU-Pawnee Doppler radar was a single-polarization S-band radar system, with a Klystron transmitter. It was decomissioned in March 2015. It was located 48 km NNW of the CSU-CHILL radar. The radar system was used in a dual-doppler configuration along with CSU-CHILL, and performed synchronized scans.

CSU-Pawnee Radar

The radar transmitter frequency was 2.730 GHz, and used a vertically polarized antenna with a 1.6° beamwidth. The signal processor used was the same as that used in CHILL. The transmitter generated an output power of 425 kW. The radar was located at latitude 40° 52.269' (N 40.87115) and longitude 104° 42.84' (W 104.714) , at an altitude of 1688 m MSL.

Some example cases of dual-doppler data collected with the CHILL-Pawnee dual-doppler network are available on this website.

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