CSU-CHILL main site


The CSU-CHILL main radar site is located in Greeley, CO, at:

30750 Weld County Road 45 Greely CO 80631

The site is occupies approximately 2 acres, and comprises the following:

  • Main office building
  • CSU-CHILL radome
  • Mobile operations center (40ft ISO shelter)
  • Sea-Pol home base (pad for 2x 20ft ISO shelters)
  • W-band home base (pad for 1x 20ft ISO shelter)
  • Storage shelter pad (houses 3x 40ft ISO storage containers, 1x 20ft radar shelter)
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Site power infrastructure

The site receives a 208V, 400A 3-phase service, divided into 200A for the office building and 200A for the radar systems on-site. A variety of field power outlets are available, including:

Current Type Connector Backup
200A 3-phase, 208V Hard-wired Yes
100A 1-phase, 208V Meltric DS100 receptacle Yes
30A 3-phase, 208V IEC60309 pin and sleeve Yes
30A 3-phase, 208V L15-30R Yes (bldg ckt)
60A Split-phase, 208V IEC60309 pin and sleeve No
30A Single-phase, 208V L6-30R No

The site has a 100 kVA diesel backup power generator designed to support the power needs of the site during multi-day power outages. An additional 25 kVA propane-fired generator supports the inflatable CSU-CHILL radome structure in the event of a main generator outage.

Network Connectivity

The CSU-CHILL site provides network connectivity (25 Mbit) through a wireless link. The link terminates at the University of Northern Colorado, which provides high-bandwidth connectivity via optic fiber to the CSU main campus.

Failover network connectivity is through a Starlink antenna.