CSU-CHILL Projects and Deployments


This page lists major projects involving the use of the CSU-CHILL facility since 2000.

Project List

Name Date Principal Investigator Affiliation Type
A10 flight testing Summer 2015 Andy Detwiler SDSMT NSF
Texas Tech mobile radar coordinated data collection Summer 2015 Eric Bruning TTU 20-hour
FRONT: detailed drop shape study Spring 2015 (field season 1) B. Notaros CSU ECE NSF
FRONT PORCH: VHS cross-coupling Jul 2014 John Hubbert NCAR NSF
FRONT PORCH: educational cases Jun 2014 Sandra Yuter North Carolina State University NSF
REU May - Jul 2014 V. Chandrasekar Colorado State University NSF
NCAR HCR Flight tests October 2013 S. Ellis NCAR 20-hour
FRONT Rainfall and Streamflow Prediction Tests August 2013 R. Roberts and J. Wilson NCAR 20-hour
High Park burn area runoff 15 July - Aug 2013 S. Matrosov NOAA Boulder 20-hour
REU May-Jul 2013 V. Chandrasekar CSU NSF
Unmanned Aircraft System Test June 2013 A. Houston University of Nebraska Lincoln 20-hour
CHILL Microphysical Investigation of Electrification (CHILL MIE) June - July 2013 B. Fuchs CSU Atmospheric Science 20-hour
FROST: X-Band winter precipitation studies Jan - April 2013 M. Kumjian and R. Rasmussen NCAR 20-hour
University of Iowa X-band radar validation Aug - Sep 2012 W. Krajewski University of Iowa 20-hour
ADMIRARI multi-frequency radiometer tests May - Jul 2012 P. Garfias University of Bonn 20-hour
REU May-Jul 2012 V. Chandrasekar CSU NSF
DC3 May - Jun 2012 M. Barth, W. Brune, C. Cantrell, S. Rutledge NCAR, PSU NSF
IDEAS4 October - November 2011 J. Stith et al. NCAR NSF
DOW6 + 7 Polarimetric Data Investigations Jul - Aug 2011 J. Wurman CSWR 20-hour
MC3E May 2011 S. Rutledge CSU 20-hour
REU May-Jul 2011 V. Chandrasekar CSU NSF
DC3 Test Flights May 2011 M. Barth, W. Brune NCAR, PSU NSF
Heavy Rainfall Jun - Aug 2011 D. Gochis NCAR 20-hour
Aircraft Icing Dec 2010 - May 2011 J. Hubbert NCAR 20-hour
Heavy Rainfall Jun - Aug 2010 D. Gochis NCAR 20-hour
N-POL Antenna Validation Oct-Dec 2010 V. Chandrasekar, S. Rutledge NASA Cost Recovery
REU May-Jul 2010 V. Chandrasekar CSU NSF
Precipitation Echo Statistics Jan 2010 A. R. Jameson RJH Scientific, Inc. NSF (ATM-31996)
ASP: Observational Instruments and Techniques Jun 2009 Wen-Chau Lee NCAR NSF
REU May-Jul 2009 V. Chandrasekar CSU NSF
Heavy Rainfall Jun - Aug 2009 D. Gochis NCAR 20-hour
CoCoNUE Mar - Sept.2009 A. Houston University of Nebraska Lincoln NSF (ATM-0715941 and others)
Off-the-Grid X-Band Radar Tests Oct - Dec. 2009 G. A. Pablos Vega UPRM 20-hour
N-POL Calibration and Validation Nov 2008 - Jan 2009 V. Chandrasekar, S. Rutledge NASA 20-hour
Heavy Rainfall Aug 2008 D. Gochis NCAR 20-hour
REU May-Jul 2008 V. Chandrasekar CSU NSF
ICE-L Nov-Dec 2007 A. Heymsfield NCAR 20-hour (ATM 0735110)
REU May-Jul 2007 V. Chandrasekar CSU NSF
REFRACTT Jun-Aug 2006 R. Roberts NCAR NSF
REU May-Jul 2006 V. Chandrasekar CSU NSF
CHILL - Pawnee Bistatic tests Jun-Aug 2005 S. Frasier UMASS 20-hour
REFRACTT Demo Jun-Aug 2005 R. Roberts NCAR 20-hour
REU May-Jul 2005 V. Chandrasekar CSU NSF
CASA IP1 validation March - May 2005 F. Junyent UMASS 20-hour
FSU Seminole mobile radar tests March - July 2005 P. Ray FSU 20-hour
Front Range Pilot Project May-Jul 2004 S. Matrosov, S. Rutledge NOAA 20-hour
REU May-Jul 2004 V. Chandrasekar CSU NSF
COMET May-Jul 2003 R. Cifelli CSU 20-hour
REU May-Jul 2003 V. Chandrasekar CSU NSF
CHILL-TEX 2003 July 2003 A. Detwiler, V.N. Bringi SDSMT NSF
Winter Precipitation Jan-March 2002 E. Brandes CSU 20-hour
REU May-Jul 2002 V. Chandrasekar CSU NSF
CHILL-TEX 2002 June 2002 A. Detwiler, V. N. Bringi SDSMT NSF
Gust Front Observations May-Jul 2001 B. Lee UNC 20-hour
REU May-Jul 2001 V. Chandrasekar CSU NSF
Heavy Rain over Bobcat Burn Scar Jun-Aug 2001 J. Moody USGS 20-hour
STEPS May-Jul 2000 M. Weisman, C. Knight, D. Macgorman, S. Rutledge, et al. NCAR, OU, CSU NSF (ATM-9912562 and others)
REU May-Jul 2000 V. Chandrasekar CSU NSF


NSF: National Science Foundation sponsored projects with deployment pool funding.

20 hr: Focused projects supported by the CHILL base funding.

Projects highlighted in green are scheduled for future operations