ARDEC South radar site


CHIVO radar at the ARDEC South radar site

The ARDEC South radar site is located near Fort Collins, CO at the ARDEC South Horticulture Field Research Center, under the College of Agricultural Sciences, Colorado State University. The site has hosted the CSU-CHIVO radar since 2018.

The site address is: 4300 E Co Rd 50, Fort Collins, CO 80524

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Site Power

The site has a dedicated 480V 3-phase power drop, with a 30 kVA transformer to step this down to 208V 3-phase power.

Network Connectivity

The site uses a point-to-point radio link at 2.4 GHz to the ARDEC North campus, which has fiber-optic connectivity to the main campus. The radio link spans approximately 6.5 km, and offers 30 Mbps throughput.