WXlog/20180121 Snowband


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S. Yuter 20hr B. Notaros SMAS

Data Recording Period

21 Jan 2018 1040:23 UTC to 21 Jan 2018 2121:11 UTC


At start of ops, well-defined snowband with ~SW - NE orientation from just south of CHILL to metro Denver area. Lighter intensity echo / snowfall had general coverage behind (to the NW) of this initial band. During the +/- 2 hours of sunrise period, primarily RHI scans were done for the Yuter project. Once this period had past, low elevation PPI sectors and two sweep RHI scans centered on the Easton - Valley View SMAS camera site were done. During the mid-morning local hours, an area of intensifying low-level reflectivity affected the Easton site.