CHILL Newsletter 2007


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This is the CHILL newsletter for January 2007 through July 2008.

Scientific Director's Overview of 2007
Overview of the 2007 activities by Dr. Steven Rutledge
Installation of the Dual Offset Feed Antenna
This article talks about installing the Dual Offset Feed Antenna system at CSU-CHILL.
Initial Performance Evaluation of the Dual Offset Feed Antenna
This article illustrates the high quality of dual-polarized data available from the CSU-CHILL radar system after installation of the new 8.5 m Dual-offset antenna. Measurements of stratiform rainfall are used to highlight the characteristics of the antenna and radar.
Block Diagram of the CSU-CHILL Radar System
Transformation of CHILL to the VCHILL Era
This article describes the architectural changes introduced by the signal processor/radar controller, and how the CSU-CHILL radar is brought into the modern era through the VCHILL initiative. There are sections on the digital transmitter, digital receiver and signal processor architecture. Examples of the capabilities of the new system are also presented.
Radar Operations Summary (2006-2007)
The in house designed digital receiver / signal processing systems used in the CSU-CHILL and Pawnee radars continued to be tested and refined during 2007. (They were initially fielded on both radars during the summer of 2006). CSU-CHILL operations were suspended in July 2007 to prepare the Greeley radar site for the installation of the new dual offset feed antenna.