WXlog/20080809 Thunderstorm RHI Vr


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An RHI scan was made through the core of a severe thunderstorm located southeast of the CHILL radar. SPC storm reports show an observation of 0.75 inch hail, heavy rain and strong winds due to this storm at Wiggins at 0136 UTC. Maximum echo tops were ~16 km AGL (17.4 km / 57 kft MSL). The unfolded radial velocity pattern shows strong divergence centered on the echo summit. This upper level divergence is driven by an intense, sloping updraft. A Zdr hail signature is seen at ~53 km range in the echo core at near-ground heights.

9aug2008 tstm updraft rhi z.png

9aug2008 tstm updraft rhi vuf.png

9aug2008 tstm updraft rhi zdr.png