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National Weather Radar Facility
The CSU-CHILL National Weather Radar Facility, located in Greeley, CO, is an advanced, transportable dual-polarized dual-wavelength (S- and X-band) weather radar system. The facility is operated by Colorado State University, under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation and the University.

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28mar2018 1918 SOLO RHI Z anot.png

CSU-CHILL S-band RHI scan along the axis of an area of light rain showers located just southeast of the radar on 28 March 2018. Time lapse loops of similar RHI scans showed that the reflectivity of the main, horizontally-oriented echo layer increased as it descended through the melting level. (Full Article...)

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Solar noise Solar noise

An RHI scan through a precipitation area during the afternoon hours on 10 January 2018 also captured the continuous noise signal generated by solar emissions in the S-band portion of the microwave spectrum.

Photo credit: Patrick Kennedy
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