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National Weather Radar Facility
The CSU-CHILL National Weather Radar Facility, located in Greeley, CO, is an advanced, transportable dual-polarized dual-wavelength (S- and X-band) weather radar system. The facility is operated by Colorado State University, under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation and the University.

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14jul2015 2142 XB Zdr contours anot.png

CSU-CHILL X-band reflectivity data in a low elevation PPI scan through a thunderstorm. Solid white contours enclose the -4 and -8 dB Zdr values marking radials with significant differential attenuation. Time lapse loops showing the evolution of the X-band attenuation effects as this thunderstorm intensified have been prepared. (Full Article...)

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X-band RHI through a bright band. X-band RHI through a bright band.

Enhanced reflectivity values are seen at the melting level (~1.4 km AGL in upper left inset panel). RhoHV correlation coefficient shows a local minimum in the height layer where a variety of hydrometeor types (both liquid drops and melting ice particles) coexist.

Photo credit: Patrick Kennedy
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