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National Weather Radar Facility
The CSU-CHILL National Weather Radar Facility, located in Greeley, CO, is an advanced, transportable dual-polarized dual-wavelength (S- and X-band) weather radar system. The facility is operated by Colorado State University, under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation and the University.

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CSU-CHILL S-band reflectivity data in a 2.4 degree elevation angle PPI scan through a severe thunderstorm that affected the city of Greeley, Colorado (and the CHILL radar site) on 8 May 2017. Both PPI volume and RHI scans confirmed the presence of a Bounded Weak Echo Region (BWER). Plots of selected CSU-CHILL data collected at both S and X-band from this storm have been assembled. (Full Article...)

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Pileus cap clouds Pileus cap clouds

Pileus layers shroud several cloud summits in a cumulonimbus system located to the northwest of the CSU-CHILL radar site on 1 May 2018.

Photo credit: Patrick Kennedy
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