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National Weather Radar Facility
The CSU-CHILL National Weather Radar Facility, located in Greeley, CO, is an advanced, transportable dual-polarized dual-wavelength (S- and X-band) weather radar system. The facility is operated by Colorado State University, under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation and the University.

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18jun2013 2300 KCYS PPI anot.png

NWS Cheyenne WY (KCYS) low elevation angle reflectivity data depicts a strong thunderstorm near the intersection point of Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado. The leading edge of the surface outflow from this mature storm was also detected to the southeast of KCYS. Differential propagation phase data collected by the CSU-CHILL radar indicated that strong electric fields were present at upper levels of the storm. Lightning activity near this strong field signature was confirmed by data from the northern Colorado Lightning Mapping Array (LMA). (Full Article...)

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Melting level variations in a thunderstorm. Melting level variations in a thunderstorm.

Zdr values become more positive as melting ice hydrometeors develop an increasing liquid water component. The small ice particles in a weak shower near 7 km range go through the melting process in a narrow layer near 2 km AGL. The bigger ice particles within the 40 dBZ contour descend to near surface heights before melting effects appear.

Photo credit: Patrick Kennedy
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