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National Weather Radar Facility
The CSU-CHILL National Weather Radar Facility, located in Greeley, CO, is an advanced, transportable dual-polarized dual-wavelength (S- and X-band) weather radar system. The facility is operated by Colorado State University, under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation and the University.

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27mar2015 2010Z Z RHI bragg anot.png

Boundary layer echoes observed in a CSU-CHILL RHI scan during fair weather on 27 March 2015. Time lapse loops have been prepared showning the evolution of both the elevated Bragg scattering layer and the surface-based insect echo. (Full Article...)

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Convective precipitation echoes with different vertical extents Convective precipitation echoes with different vertical extents

CSU-CHILL reflectivity data collected in RHI scans through a shower producing small graupel (top) and a severe thunderstorm generating 5 cm (2 in) diameter hail (bottom). (Note: The graupel shower was plotted using a different reflectivity scale. For the graupel case yellow=30 dBZ and the color step interval is 4 dB.)

Photo credit: Patrick Kennedy
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