Current Events


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Current Events

Sea-Pol pedestal testing (May 3, 2024)

Sea-Pol pedestal testing

The Sea-Pol radar pedestal maintenance is complete, and testing is underway in preparation for the upcoming PICCOLO-2024 field campaign.

Sea-Pol pedestal maintenance (26 Mar, 2024)

Sea-Pol pedestal repairs

The Sea-Pol radar pedestal is undergoing maintenance and repair in support of an upcoming field campaign.

Website redesign (15 Jan, 2024)

The CHILL website has extensive changes, both in appearance, as well as with the underlying technology. We are committing a greater effort towards keeping the site updated with current activities and changes to the instrumentation.

Sea-Pol radar base foundation pour (21 June, 2016)

Sea-Pol radar base foundation
Pouring the top layer of the foundation
Completed Sea-Pol radar base foundation

Concrete pour for the Sea-Pol radar's home-base. The concrete pad will serve as a location to hold the containers down for the Sea-Pol radar when not deployed on a ship.

Sea-Pol containers arrive (17 June, 2016)

20ft containers modified for Sea Pol

Two 20 foot containers that will house the Sea Pol radar equipment have been delivered to the CSU-CHILL radar site.

Data Collection for FRONT PORCH (22 May 2014)

Data collection begins for a component of the FRONT PORCH (Precipitation Observations and Research on Convection and Hydrometeorology) program with the Radar Observations of Storms for Education (ROSE) project with North Carolina State University CP3G. This is an NSF-funded project using the FRONT facility. Principal Investigator: Dr. Sandra Yuter.

Recent Changes

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