Current Events


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Current Events

Dual frequency Operations: January 2011

X-band test data

The Dual-frequency feed horn was installed on the CSU-CHILL antenna, and initial data collections were conducted to test the installation. Data from the X-band system is compared against the S-band system here.

Dual frequency feed horn arrives at CHILL: October 5, 2011

Dual frequency feed horn

The new feed horn capable of simultaneous polarimetric operations at S and X-bands was delivered in early October. Test operations with this horn should begin in December, 2011.

DOW radar data evaluations: August 26, 2011


Coordinated dual-polarization data collection was done by the DOW 7 and CSU-CHILL radars during the conduct of a 20hr project.

Website Improvements

Several new features added:

REU 2011 students: July 14, 2011

Monitoring a sphere flight from the CSU-CHILL user van

REU2011 students participating in a radar calibration experiment.


Recent Changes

An automatically generated list of recent changes to the CSU-CHILL website is available here