WXlog/20180517 X-band Time Series Heavy Rain (TS)


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P. Kennedy target of opportunity

Data Recording Period

(X-band only operation) 17 May 2018 2237:36 UTC to 17 May 2018 2246:58 UTC

Time series recording (X-band is always VHS mode): 17 May 2018 2240:45 UTC to 17 May 2018 2249:16 UTC


17may2018 2242 XB ppi z.png

17may2018 2242 XB ppi Zdr.png

17may2018 2242 XB ppi phidp.png

17may2018 XB 2244 rhi z.png

17may2018 2242 XB rhi Zdr.png

At the end of the work day on 17 May 2018; a developing area of showers and thunderstorms was visible just to the southeast and east of the CHILL site. To expedite data collection, only the X-band channel was brought up. A short period of PPI and RHI scanning was done with the X-band time series archiver operating. Due to the short range to much of the echo system, the various radar measurements were made under good SNR conditions.)