WXlog/20180514 Heavy Rain Small Hail


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P. Kennedy target of opportunity

Data Recording Period

14 May 2018 1747:26 UTC to 14 Jan 2018 2248:48 UTC

Time series recording: 14 May 2018 1938:53 UTC to 14 May 2018 1953:22 UTC (Rain area exiting Denver)

14 May 2018 2147:08 UTC to 14 May 2918 2248:48 UTC (Hail and gust front from the storm to the NW of CHILL).


Rain area exiting the metro Denver region. Time series recording started when northern portion came within 60 km range.

14may2018 1940 VH rain.png

14may2018 1940 VH rain Zdr.png

14may2018 1940 VH rain rhidp.png

Second operating episode based on thunderstorm that produced hail across I-25 to the northwest of CHILL. Various PPI and RHI scans done in both VH and VHS modes.

14may2018 2158 VHS hail ppi z.png

14may2018 2158 VHS hail ppi Zdr.png

14may2018 2202 VHS hail rhi z.png

14may2018 VHS hail rhi Zdr.png

Hail swath crossing I-25 and extending northeastwards: