WXlog/20170526 Bounded Weak Echo Region


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S. van den Heever C3LOUD-Ex 20 hr

Data Recording Period

26 May 2017 1732:19 UTC to

27 May 2017 0112:46 UTC

X-band also operating


C3LOUD-Ex mobile platforms (primarily sounding vans and drone systems) followed an area of thunderstorms that became more intense as they moved to ranges of ~100 km from CHILL. By 2157 UTC a Bounded Weak Echo Region (BWER) reflectivity structure became apparent in the storm inflow / updraft area. Some of the project sondes intercepted these strong updrafts. During a time period when mobile platform support was not needed (2332 - 0046 UTC), the radar conducted rapid update, 4 sweep PPI sector scans that covered additional isolated storms that developed behind (i.e., at shorter radar ranges) the BWER echo system.

26may2017 2157 RHI z.png

26may2017 2157 v.png

26may2017 2157 RHI zdr.png