WXlog/20110713 3 Body Scattering


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A number of hail-producing thunderstorms developed on both 13 and 14 July 2011 (UTC based dates). The following plots show CSU-CHILL RHI scans taken through three different hailstorms, each of which had a 3 body scattering signature down range of the reflectivity core. A prominent feature in all of the 3 body signatures is the region of anomalously positive Zdr values at higher elevation angles.

13jul2011 3B 1 rhi z.png

13jul2011 3B 1 rhi zdr.png

13jul2011 3B 1 rhi v.png

13jul2011 3B 2 rhi z.png

13jul2011 3B 2 rhi zdr.png

13jul2011 3B 2 rhi v.png

13jul2011 3B 3 rhi z.png

13jul2011 3B 3 rhi zdr.png

13jul2011 3B 3 rhi v.png