WXlog/20090610 MCS


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A mesoscale convective system (MCS) was developing to the southeast of CHILL during the afternoon of 10 June 2009. The radial velocities in an RHI scan on an azimuth of 136 degrees (cursor in the PPI) intercepted several of the two dimensional flow features that are typically observed in an MCS vertical section: In the leading convective line in the far range portion of the RHI, a sloping updraft is indicated. This updraft is linked to surface level convergence and echo top divergence. The leading edge outflow is connected to a rear-to-front inflow layer at ~6km AGL heights just behind the updraft. In the trailing stratiform precipitation area (~40 - 60 km range), below the reflectivity bright band, divergence is indicated at near surface levels.

10jun2009 MCS ppi z.png

10jun2009 MCS rhi z.png

10jun2009 MCS rhi v.png