I grew up in Champaign, IL where I attended the University of Illinois, receiving a BS degree in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science in 1972. Upon graduation, I started working full time in the weather radar group at the Illinois State Water Survey under the supervision of Donald Staggs and Eugene Mueller. Actually, I got started working part time with the group as a student in 1967. My work there centered on the several radars fielded by the Atmospheric Sciences Section. I worked mainly with the two S-band FPS-18 based systems which were the CHILL radar and the Other radar. The Other radar was originally located at Pere Marquette State Park for project Metromex and later moved near Joliet, IL for rainfall studies in the Chicago area where it was known as the HOT radar. Ultimately, the HOT radar was moved northeast of Nunn, CO and renamed the PAWNEE radar. The CHILL radar has moved many times during its 40+ year history and needs no introduction here. It has also pretty much kept its name over the years, now being known as the CSU-CHILL Radar. There's probably more info on CHILL history in this site's CHILL_history pages.