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Running Java VCHILL

System requirements

Chill radar antenna Launch the Java VCHILL Display

If you have not yet registered a signon, please do so using the "User Services" link on the VCHILL page. Then, simply click the above link to launch the program. If you need help getting started using the program, there is a Getting started guide available.

The Java VCHILL program is delivered to your computer via Sun's WebStart system. By clicking on the launch link, the latest version of Java VCHILL will be downloaded and run on your machine. Each time you start the program, WebStart automatically checks the CHILL site for program updates, and automatically downloads the latest software as necessary.

For the WebStart link to work, you will need to install a recent (1.5 or newer) Java release on your computer. This is a free download from Sun Microsystems. Go to Sun's Download Center and download the appropriate version for your computer. You may also view their installation instructions.

In order to view KDP, HDR, NCP+, and RCOMP, you need to connect to a proxy server. If you need help setting one up, please email Jochen Deyke for more information.

New feature alert:
The newest version of Java VCHILL supports multiple simultaneous basemaps. To toggle each map on/off, simply select it again. This applies to both the supplied default maps and any user created custom maps. If you would like to create your own map files, please email Jochen Deyke for information on the file format.

Utility program alert:
If you want to create your own color tables for use with Java VCHILL, try out this editor prototype. Please send feedback to Jochen Deyke so we can continue to improve the program.

Reporting problems

If you run into any problems with Java VCHILL, please let us know about them so we can fix them. Try out our new Bugzilla bug tracking system, or email Jochen Deyke with as much information as possible (error messages, screenshots, etc).


Java VCHILL uses the following third party libraries:

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