CSU-CHILL Antenna Scan Optimizer

The Az scan rate, PRF, Integration time, Worst case Az Plane spatial resolution, and Max Range are interacting parameters. In other words, if you specify four of these parameters, the fifth one is determined. This program gives you the choice of specifying either the Az Scan Rate or the Worst Case Az plane resolution. Note: the arrows point from specified items to calculated items.

I will Specify:

Time to seek volume start position: sec <-- Use 20 for CHILL for first scan in scheduled sequence

AZ Scan Rate: deg/sec --> Worst case Az plane resolution: km, (Az spacing: 0.78 deg)

Integrating: Pulses --> Dwell time=128 milliseconds

PRF: Hz, Wavelength: cm, --> Nyquist velocity=27.50 m/sec

Sector Width: degrees,    

Acceleration limit: on Chill use 6, on Pawnee use 10 : deg/sec/sec --> scan time

Desired Minimum Spatial Resolution: km --> elevation spacing

Maximum Height of Interest: km --> elevation spacing

Min Range: km --> end of scan

Max Range km --> elevation spacing and az resolution

Elevation Start Angle: degrees

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